Monday, November 14, 2011

What Children Like to Do

 Children have different needs at each age and stage of their development. Each child is also unique. If it’s been a while since you’ve had children in the house, check out this list for lactivities that can help children earn, have fun, experience success, and feel good about them.

Most infants like:
- to be held, rocked, tickled, sung to, or read books with colorful pictures
- to hear you describe what you are doing during routine activities like feeding and dressing
- music and finger plays (this little piggy, pat-a-cake)
- to play peak-a-boo or hide under a scarf or blanket
- to be taken outside for a short walk and have you describe what they see, touch, smell, and hear

Most toddlers still like infant activities but also like to:
- explore and look for rocks, flowers, and leaves; find objects to dump, fill, move, put together, and take apart
separate from and return back to you
- run, jump, hide, climb; jump in leaves, pillows, old clothes, snow; put a sheet over two chairs
- sing or dance to music; imitate you (sweep, make pretend food, wash dishes, rock the doll)
- paint with water on sidewalk (bucket/sponge or brush), play with cups/lids in water
- ride tricycles, slide, swing, climb jungle gyms, play ball
play hide and seek, Simon says, and London bridge
build with blocks or legos
- play pretend house, store, library, zoo, museum, bank, and other places

Most school-agers like:
- board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Candy land, and Checkers; card games like Uno and Go Fish; and computer games
- preparing favorite snacks (rice crispier treats, brownies, ice cream sodas)
- athletic or competitive games
- putting on a play with costumes and props
rulers, scales, magnets, thermometers, magnifying glasses, balls, and binoculars
- to make crafts like jewelry, candles, and sand art
- to plant vegetables or flowers in a garden
- trips to gardens, museums, libraries, and florists
- camping, fishing, biking, hiking, going on a picnic, and going to amusement parks and water parks

Most teenagers still enjoy board games, cards, computer games, athletics, crafts, and trips. They also usually like:
- shopping
- eating out
- going to movies
- watching TV
- solitary games and privacy

        Although children of different ages have different needs and interests, playing with younger and older siblings can enhance learning and understanding. And, the time you spend together will help create warm memories for a lifetime.

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