Sunday, December 11, 2011

Games to Improve Listening Skills for Kids

Activities and Games for the Youngest

Everyone knows reading to your child daily is important, so make it a game like Shout Out. Using a book with a repetitive word, have the child "shout out" whenever they hear the designated word.

One non-reading game to try is Knock, Knock. Place the child in a chair facing away from you and gather their favorite stuffed animals. Using funny voices, have each "animal" knock, then describe itself until the child can guess which animal is knocking.

The Pattern Game is another one to try. Clap your hands in a simple pattern/rhythm, and have the child repeat it. Continue with more complicated patterns/rhythms. (You can even introduce thigh claps or head taps to make the game harder as the child gets better at it.)
Games for Older Children

Older children can try games like Then, which requires two to play. The first child makes a statement that ends in a "then." The next child adds a statement that finishes the sentence: First child: "The boy throws the ball, then..." Second child: "....the ball rolls down the hill."

A tricky one for groups is Stump the Leader. One child is picked out to be the leader. The other children take turns asking the leader questions while picking a word that can't be used. For example, "How old are? You can't say 10" so the leader can say "I'll be 11 on my birthday."

A fun game for kids of all ages is "Who's talking now?" Pick one of the children's favorite television shows. Let them watch a little bit then have them close their eyes. At random points say "Now" and let them tell you who was talking. The kids never notice they are learning to listen.

Listening is an important skill for children to learn. Simple can let them work on those skills with the bonus of getting them away from the television and video games. The skills learned young will follow them to adulthood.

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