Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kids jokes sites

        I have studied kids jokes on the Internet for two days. And I also check the quality of the kids jokes' site. As we all know, thare are many jokes sites for kids and children of all ages, each full of kids jokes and kids humor, including many kinds of kids jokes, like animal jokes, knock knock jokes, school jokes, parents jokes, food jokes, yo mama jokes. I always look for jokes for my kids. And I know a lot of jokes sites. I'd like to share my experience with you.

The jokes sites below are the favourite jokes sites for me:
1. Aha jokes     

2. Kids jokes for children of all ages    

3. Kids jokes and riddles

4. Kids Jokes  

5. Kids Jokes - Jokes for Children   

6. Yahoo!kids    

7. Clean Jokes, Kid Jokes and Humor

8. Best jokes ever, world best jokes   

9.Jokes: big list of kids jokes

10. Kids jokes of the day, kids jokes

Really hope this list will help you. A joke a day!

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