Monday, November 28, 2011

Teaching Children Not To Play With Fire

We all know fire is dangerous and we have to keep our kids from getting to close to it and not play with it. We need to teach our kids the dangers of fire and why not to play with it when they are young.

Show them that fire burns and what it could do to them if they miss with it, show them picture, not too scary or bloody pictures because you can really scare them.

You can also have the school teach them about fire and the damage it will bring. Show them a wildfire on type or on the TV and how fast they spread when they are not put out right away. Show them how fast a house can burn to the ground just by a small or big fire because it doesn't matter what size a fire can be because they will get bigger in a minutes and that's all it takes is just one flame and buff it's gone.

If they get a hold of any type of fire like matches, lighters, or candles, they could burn down the house or hurt themselves really badly. They can burn their skin and getting second or third degree burns, burn off their hair, burn up their room and get trapped in the smoke and fire, and if they get it around something that is flammable that can or will explode. Teach them what to do in a fire, how to get out to safety and where to meet when everyone gets out. Have a plan at home, at school, or where ever you are at just in case you might need it. Kids rely on you to teach them this stuff, teach them how to survive, teach them stop, drip and roll because if they are on fire they will know what to do and you hope that this will never happen to them but it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you have a fireplace tell them do not get to close to the fire because sparks can from out and set your clothes or the cover on fire. You need to have a gate on it at all time and you need to teach them that so they will know. Tell them that they are not allow to start up the fireplace only the adults are the ones that do that, the same thing goes for a gas stove or heater, make sure that they understand that. Don't let them near a grill when you are going to start it up because they flames will be big and it will burn them.

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