Thursday, November 24, 2011

Reading to Children

    Reading to children is a great way to spend quality time with them. Follow these easy steps for reading to the children in your life.

Reread the Same Books
Kids love repetition when it comes to books. Unlike many adults, they love knowing what is going to happen next and delight in the anticipation of getting there.

Ask Questions
Reading to children is enhanced by interaction. Asking questions about the book will allow children a chance to talk about how they are experiencing it, as well as encouraging active listening.

Go To the Library
There is something about ownership of a library card that can make the idea of books more appealing to kids. Setting aside a time every week to go can be fun for everyone.

Read Before Bed
Reading to children at bedtime daily can become a much anticipated ritual. It gives children something to look forward to and provides a wonderful way of relaxing them for the transition to sleep.

Model Reading
Read yourself. Often and where they can observe.

Read All Kinds of Things
Novels, short stories, biographies, poems, etc. Also don't rule out encyclopedias. They make great illustrated ones geared for children that can make learning about any subject fun and interesting.

Keep Reading Aloud Even When They Are Old Enough to Read Alone
Reading to children is still valuable when the children are independent readers. They can have books read to them at a higher level than they are able to read alone, or they can take turns reading aloud if the book is at their level.

Reward Reading
Make a token system where they chart how many books they have read, or the hours spent reading, and reward them with something, such as a new book.

Start Traditions Around Reading
Children love traditions. Reading to children can become a much anticipated one when it is associated with something fun. For example, allowing them to open a wrapped book every Christmas Eve and reading it to them.

Use Books On Tape
If you find yourself driving around a lot, or at home with a hoarse voice, books on tape can be life savers. Pop one in and listen along with the children, as everyone kicks back and enjoys.

     Spending time reading to children is a wonderful way to show your care. Start today with the above tips to make it a time for all to look forward to.

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