Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to Keep You Kid Entertained With Toys

It's not very hard to keep a kid entertained with something to play with. In this electronic age every toy seems to require batteries or software in order to work. 

However, kid's toys don't have to be sophisticated in order to be fun. Toys that require thinking and the imagination are the best toys that help aide the child in mental development. 

Sudoku for kids and connect four both require critical thinking in order to win. This is precisely what parents should be looking for. Games that rely on chance won't do much to benefit a child. A game of chess or checkers on the other hand can be very beneficial. I will be discussing a few kinds of toys and games that aide in stimulating children to learn more. 

When trying to find inexpensive, fun and educational games, puzzles rank pretty high on the list. This game helps build up hand eye coordination for children and adults alike. The end result of this is a nice fully complete puzzle that you put together yourself. It's a testament of what the human mind can develop in a short amount of time. Children will enjoy the independence that comes along with constructing a puzzle. This is very important early on in life and puzzles actually strengthen the process. 

Building models
Model kits are readily available in most of the world's toys stores. However, due to computer and video games, these types of toys are no longer as popular as they once were. In any event, kid's can build their own cars, planes and boats from scratch using these kits. 

Many of these kits are priced below $20.00 and generally don't require adult supervision. All that's needed is the kit and the child's imagination in order to produce a lifelike model that will last for years. Advanced electric models have hit the market for older children approaching their teens. These models are not only for display but are meant to be played with after they are built. Walking robots, moving cars and trains can all be built. 

Flash card games that incorporate math, language and/or science into the play are a good investment. Not only will your child be kept busy but they will also be learning at the same time. These card games are regularly used to teach students in school due to their effectiveness. The cost is very little or nothing at all if you make them. This would be a good afternoon activity for a child to do instead of watching television. First they could take some sheets of paper and write the questions and answers on them, then the cards can been used to test them. 

Whether it is a puzzle, flash cards or models, there are plenty of educational games available for kid's. Don't fall into the technology trap by buying games for children that require starring at a screen. Instead, remember that no matter how much technology we develop, children can always be taught using simple old fashion toys. 

Now more than ever, kids are losing their attention spans by spending countless hours in front of the television or by being on the computer. In most cases this only provides a temporary distraction that offers the child very little. Why not consider an educational toy for your child the next time you are out shopping?

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