Thursday, November 10, 2011

Help Children Overcome Difficulties

But parents have forgotten what is important if one does not know childhood difficulties and obstacles is what it is hard to see it as an ideal preparation (psychologically) so the child can later exist with the vast world environment complex and volatile … Excessive protection of parents will make many children lose the chance to learn how to deal with these problems and more serious obstacle is a child behavior dependence. Therefore, follow educational psychologists, the parents can help children to remove the problems positively by the following:

Be calm and balance in solving
This is a very important issue, especially when children proved to lose confidence in the ability to solve problems by themselves, parents must be very calm, strong, do not panic, beat, curse or to put to nonplus … Attitude of parents then have to realize that if you solve the problem, children will quickly recover. On the other hand, by solving the problem, children will mature and self-learned valuable lessons about overcoming challenges, risks of life. Many parents or indulge too deeply involved in solving the problems of children is so much distrust in our ability. When the minor child, of course, parents must be responsible, but when they move into adolescence, parents only as an observer, advice, suggestions and encourage them when necessary. Parents need to remember: not by the number or extent of the problem that troubles the child or the loss of self-harm to health, the spirit which is due to the method of solving it.

5 methods to help relieve problems with confidence:
a) Children must be revealed to parents: The first step is to counsel and encourage children to tell their parents or a relative of the fact that the problems they are experiencing. When expressed with the trust, is in the heart of children has decreased by half the trouble is weighed.
b) Encourage children to think: Encourage children to calm your mind back, reflect on all aspects of the problem before deciding what to do. Thereby, children will make a new resolution, reasonable… When children know themselves to think, that is helping them move from a status of “kids” to adult status, which makes them more confident in yourself and have more spirit strength.
c) Know action: To help children know the outlines plans to tackle problems that are practical, feasible and reasonable.
d) Always monitor and encourage the evolution of all things that young children act or think the appropriate way to solve.
e) Reward: To encourage efforts though not much progress. Need to set the specific rewards to encourage young.

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