Friday, October 28, 2011

Toys- a place to express thoughts and feelings for kids

Toys are familiar little joy, a treasure, desire, pride … of virtually every child in the world. Children need places, need a place to express thoughts and feelings. And toys world is a perfect source. They are easily get along with, playing together, or even thrown away indiscriminately.
If most of the toys are considered “learning tools” early in the first life, then children become familiar with the world, learn to behave, to receive and process information. Research has prove that all development is enhanced through a child’s play behavior, from the first months of life until he went to school. And each game, each toy, has different implications.
Development capacity awareness
Have the toy looks very simple but can make you forced to think and form links. Depending on your age and sex of the child that it may be dolls, soft toys, cars, sets and models … Playing with a set of such shapes, they will be gradually to learn their own conclusions as the circle can rolled and square can’t, or from some of dolls and toy children, baby could play buy goods, playing teacher … Thus, the toy plays a very important role in the development of children intellectual capacity, preparation for later life.
Inspiring creativity
Besides the development of cognitive skills for children, toys also create intellectual challenge – even though these challenges did not initially seem to help much for baby, but you will see its impact on the this, when I started school. You just try to observe children playing with Lego pieces, such as: first, the only known place them overlap, but then she will be able to create many different shapes. Imagination and creativity of the children were very differently.
Motor development
The physical development of children depends on us moving. Games such as puzzle, model or simply like playing modeling clay will help balance the development and awareness campaigns. In mind when creating the different models, the hands and feet – or rather the ability for motor of children – will also be trained to develop more. There are other games such as soccer, running, jumping rope … it is necessary to exercise the ability to mobilize crude.
Skills development
Providing the right kind of toys for children in the right age will help to provide both hard and soft skills – the first seed, but can say is most important for the mental development of children. These are language skills, emotional expression, social work skills … While children communicate with you, we will develop these skills, and then, higher, we will learn how to admit defeat, victory celebration, accepted the challenge … things essential for life in the future.
Playtime is fun time
Besides the benefits listed above, the toys and games help kids be themselves and enjoy the pleasures of childhood. That is the most important thing! Limited right to play and playing time will cause serious consequences on the development of children, as well as children’s behavior as adults.
Experts in child development frequently expressed concern that children today do not spend enough time to play in different age groups, or spend too much time to play the interactive games (like games electronics) than creative play, movement necessary. This situation can occur for many different reasons, both subjective and objective as there is no space, no time, parents are too busy doing, child was too busy learning …
But remember that only a simple block of wood can also be one of the best toys for children – it can help children develop their thinking, the ability to hand-eye coordination, creativity and many more. So, make a little more attention, spend time with his family to play together and encourage your kids use their imagination.

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