Wednesday, October 26, 2011

30 minutes each day helps children grow up
    When you can not spend more time with children, you tend to feel guilty, want to offset by the gallantry (usually too far), as people same age rather than as parents. And it often will cause the opposite effect, causing the children see themselves as “victims.”
    So what is quality time? “Some quality time” means that the communication is done in a positive and helpful. Parents are not always on the embankment embankments but should be present in the lives of children, to help create moments of happiness, fun, more special needs children there is just a hard time, take in a positive way to the “struggle” of children everyday.
    The solution to this is simple: you only need to determine the extent important for family, once identified priority position, you will be very easy to clean off what does not important, arrange schedules to suit their own family instead of trying to cram in the opposite direction.
    Spending time and attention your attention – honestly – maybe only 30 minutes per day only, but be careful, because children “refined” than you imagine it. Talk to your children is one of the most important thing you can do to create cohesion, help children mature and confident. Do not start with the story too seriously and ask questions to be answered more than just “yes” or “no.” With little children, you can ask about school, talk with your fellow or a certain story that you and your child read together. With bigger children, you can talk about what takes place outside the home, neighborhood, and a discussion of a movie or an ads … You can also mention the difficulties that you face yourself in the day and how to deal with them – the experience and problem solving skills can help children avoid becoming dependent on stimulants or alcohol when encountering difficulties later.
    “Some quality time” can also be created by you to participate in the education of children. Later on it the more you exercise, but the anxiety and tension before the workload can be greatly reduced if children know will not be faced alone. You do not have to worry that “I don’t pedagogical skills - I can not remember it?” Help your child learn does not mean you have to know how to explain all of the exercises, which can be done by creating a learning space without distractions so you can focus, ask your child’s learning, help me to arrange a time, to plan …
    In addition, please also recognized the efforts of children. Commend the praiseworthy things, such as when you up on time, helped mother clean rice or self-study, all praise when successful and less successful but when I was trying. Do not promise what you can not perform, it can make you vulnerable – especially if you time your proximity is limited. Try to understand is that you respect my feelings and is ready to support you when needed … All the work that shows your concern and help me a lot of confidence.

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